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The activity area of WESSLING Romania SRL is part of the QSHE concept area

WESSLING Romania SRL is a part of a well-known laboratory network in Europe - WESSLING - headquartered in Altenberge, Germany. The 80 romanian employees are part of the 1,200 group employees from Europe and China. On the romanian market we offer a unique set of environmental consultancy and laboratory tests to analyze food and protect the environment with the 3 divisions - Safety food and Environmental consultancy located in Bucharest and environmental protection in Targu Mures.

Our expertise area is:

  • samples collection for food and environmental analysis
  • chemical analysis for soil, water, air, waste
  • analyzes of air pollution sources and air quality (emissions, emissions)
  • environmental consulting and risk analysis
  • cooperation in scientific research

Why should you choose WESSLING Romania?

Our strengths are:

INDEPENDENCE - We offer laboratory analysis, environmental protection and environmental consulting services as an independent, impartial laboratory, with the highest degree of objectivity and without external influences.

COMPLETE OFFER OF ACCREDITED SERVICES - The portfolio of services offered is extended due to the close collaboration between the members of our network of laboratories and offices WESSLING. Our consulting and laboratory services are in accordance with a complex set of legal, technological and quality requirements.

HIGH QUALITY SERVICES - From the offer process until the finishing projects we ensure that our services are at a higher quality level, for a complete satisfaction of our clients

EXPERIENCE AND PERFORMANCE - The transfer of experience within the group laboratories is very easy so that the performance of our services is reached quickly. Our specialists are trained and qualified, widely recognized, ranking among the best in their fields of expertise. You will thus benefit from over 16 years of experience and expertise in Romania market

AVAILABILITY - All over Europe we support our clients ensuring excellent performance and fast results in 24 hours of receiving the samples

CONFIDENTIALITY - we ensure for out total confidentiality of information, regardless of the nature of offered services.

WESSLING Customer Service

Environmental Protection Division

WESSLING Tirgu Mures (Environmental Analysis Laboratory)

Tîrgu Mureș Laboratory

Str. Pavel Chinezu nr. 10
540326 Târgu Mureş, Mureş, România

  • Tel. +40 (0)265 212 953
  • Tel. +40 (0)265 211 540
  • Tel. +40 (0)265 211 194
  • Fax. +40 (0)265 206 419
  • Mobil +40 742 076 424
  • E-mail. office(at)wessling(dot)ro

Consultancy Environmental Protection Division

Bucharest Laboratory

Bucuresti , Sector 3, cod 031299, 
Calea Vitan nr. 112, Corp C9

  • Tel. (Centrala) +40 21 317 7031
  • Tel/Fax. +40 21 320 0265
  • bucuresti(at)wessling(dot)ro

Environmental Protection Division

Sales & Customer support

Hasegan Mariana

  • Tel +40 742 076 424
  • mhasegan(at)wessling(dot)ro
Food Safety Division

Food Safety Division (WESSLING Bucharest)

Bucharest Laboratory

Bucuresti, Sector 3, cod 031299, 
Calea Vitan nr. 112, Corp C9

  • Tel.(Centrala) +40 21 317 7031
  • Tel./Fax +40 21 320 0265
  • food(at)wessling(dot)ro

Food Safety Division (WESSLING Bucharest)


Bakó Mihály

  • Tel. +4 0752 062 396
  • mihaly.bako@wessling.ro

Food Safety Division (WESSLING Bucharest)

Customer support

Barlan Madalina

  • Tel. +40 728 293 555
  • madalina.barlan(at)wessling(dot)ro
Environmental Consulting Division

Environmental Protection Division

Environmental Consulting Division

Mariana Chivu

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