Legionella – a challenge for companies

WESSLING is your competent partner for the entire legionella management. We support you in monitoring water quality, with a comprehensive range of analytical services.

Legionellen - Menschen kommen täglich mit Trinkwasser in Kontakt

Every year there are people fall ill with Legionnaire's disease, which is caused by Legionella.. People come into contact with these bacteria not only via drinking water installations. These rod bacteria can also become a health hazard in process water, wastewater and in the cooling water of evaporative cooling systems.

The experts of WESSLING support operators of water installations and other facilities, and operations according to the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) - for the health of tenants, customers and employees.

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Infestation with legionella - not only drinking water is affected

Legionella in waterworks can be hazardous to human health

Legionella are bacteria that naturally occur in water resources, and can develop anywhere in groundwater sources, wet soil, mosses, sawdust, and in water supply sources in buildings: in hot and cold water pipes, refrigerators, air conditioners, medical devices whose surface comes into contact with water , swimming pools, shower heads, humidifiers, jacuzzi, water tanks. But the most common sources of contamination are domestic hot water and air conditioners.

The WESSLING expertise for Legionella is based on almost 20 years of water analysis experience. The WESSLING laboratory is accredited in accordance with SR EN ISO / IEC 17025.

The comprehensive range of services of WESSLING

Our Services

  • Assistance in drafting Water Safety Plans
  • Review of the entire circuit and of all water systems for highlighting vulnerable and critical points
  • Drafting Investigation plans for periodical validation of the efficiency of prevention measures applied for Legionella occurrence
  • Collection of water and air samples and their microbiological analysis within WESSLING certified laboratories
  • Drafting reports for the interpretation of the analytical results
  • We propose necessary measures to be taken and changes to be made to the systems; we monitor their application and we provide specific support such as analytical control of performance

Your Advantages

Examination of technical installations and investigations planning, as well as laboratory microbiological analyzes are all in our competence - we offer integrated services from a single source. Following such an inspection and applying all proposed measures for Legionella, you obtain the safety guarantee for all managed facilities.

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