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Quality services for interior air quality

Owners of large office buildings, real estate developers, mall owners, school administrators/other institutions and large enclosures should be interested in the quality of the indoor air you breathe.
Indoor air quality affects employee performance.

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Ensuring food safety of ice cream through laboratory tests

When starting their business, owners of ice cream production units should remember one very important aspect, such as ice cream analysis.

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Checking water quality in fishing

International Fishermen's Day has been marked on 27 June since 1984. Fishing is an occupation and a passion shared by WESSLING Romania employees.

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Checking and ensuring air quality in office buildings

Any office building or real estate project must be sustainable, efficient in terms of energy and water consumption and ensuring and maintaining the internal health conditions for the occupants.

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WESSLING Romania has obtained the certification for quality and environmental management

WESSLING Romania has obtained the certification for quality and environmental management ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 based on the assessments of the independent management system certification body Systema.

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Happy womens day

Happy womens day!
Women are everywhere in everyday life. In the family or at work she ensures quality in all aspects of our lives

Thank you!

08 March 2022

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Pesticide analysis in food

Laboratory advices for crop protection and food safety

WESSLING Romania's independent testing laboratory, with almost 2 decades of experience, can help you make the strategic decision for a healthy crops and quality products.

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The risk of a business relationship with WESSLING is evaluated as extremely low

The work done by the management and all the company's employees is recognized by the Excellent SME performance certificate.

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Gifts in a shoe box prepared from the WESSLING lab employees

Gifts in a boxes were prepared by the employees of the Environmental Protection laboratory and offered to all primary school children from Visinelu locality, Mures county.

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