Corporate Governance

Our Mission: WESSLING, The International QSHE Services Company

Our customers are the basis for our success.

The goal of our services is to continuously promote our customers’ success.

We are independent of single customers, single products, single markets or third parties.

We are incorruptible. We actively act against any kind of corruption.

We strictly respect legal and normative regulations.

We only use legal software and respect license agreements.

We respect the privacy of all parties concerned and keep all information confidential.

In information networks we follow legal rules and act in a way that ensures the reputation of WESSLING. We prohibit the spreading of any offensive, defamatory, anti-constitutional, racist, sexist or pornographic content.

We are a learning organisation.

We enhance our services and thus increase our competitive advantages by learning from any errors and continuously improving our knowledge. Together we search for the best solutions.

Innovation is the driving force behind the development
of our products and this is actively supported by the mana­gement. Innovation leads to product, service, organisation and process improvement.

Quality, safety, health and environment (QSHE) are our main concerns – as a company, and also in our products and services.

QSHE is part of an integrated system. Our professional activities aim to improve these factors both within our company and for our customers. Improving QSHE improves the quality of life.

Quality in our services means to meet at least the normative, statutory, technical and scientific requirements and also the customer’s expectations. Our services are state of the art.

We feel responsible for health and safety - for ours and for our customers.

We know that accidents can be avoided; therefore, we follow a zero-accident philosophy. It is everyone's responsibility to avoid critical situations and pay attention to occupational health related issues.

Alcohol and drugs are forbidden at the workplace.

All personnel are aware of the need to be alert towards colleagues with regards to potential addiction problems or stress due to physical or psychological illness and to take care of them. Similary, we do not tolerate harassment or mobbing within our company.

All our activities follow the rules of respect, responsibility, reliability, openness and transparency, and are monitored with a critical eye.

Our communication is frank, transparent, understandable and precise.

Our success is based on the enthusiasm of every employee because we create working conditions that balance profession, private life and family.

We actively stand against any type of discrimination, whatever the reason.

Diversity enriches our company. We support the continuous development of all personnel.

Together with our suppliers, we build a foundation of trust, cooperate with them on a long-term basis and expect them to share their ideas for improvement with us.

We provide funding on a centralised and decentralised basis through donations and sponsorship for selected projects which chime with our philosophy.