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WESSLING Romania offers attractive career opportunities. Our ultramodern laboratories in Bucharest and Targu Mures providing you reliable services on the Romanian market for almost 20 years. Join to our team in one of the available positions!

The knowledge, skills and commitment of our employees are our greatest asset. We are a modern service provider that offers knowledge-based services. Our employees have long-term prospects within the company, and we foster their personal development.

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A learning company from which you can benefit

As a learning company, we attach great value to the steady advancement and continuous development of each individual, to qualification and to the transfer of knowledge on an international footing as well.

Regular training courses ensure that our employees' knowledge is constantly up to date. We practise a participatory style of management. Our employees are involved in decision-making processes and are given clear competencies. We regard trust and the quality of communication as essential foundations for a motivating working environment and working atmosphere.

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Bundled knowledge for a better quality of life

Celebratory inauguration of the WESSLING Knowledge Center in Budapest

A location at which scientists, engineers, companies and universities get together, bundle their knowledge and work on solutions and innovations – the WESSLING Group has invested in this promising future with the WESSLING Knowledge Center in Budapest.

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WESSLING drone flight

Cooperation with the University of Münster (WWU)

Land recycling: drone flying over the former Opel plant

The use of a drone at the site of the former Opel plant 1 in Bochum was tested in a joint project conducted by WESSLING, the Institute of Landscape Ecology and the Institute for Geoinformatics at the University of Münster (WWU). WESSLING initiated the cooperation and thus supported the study project of Pia Pickenbrock from the IfgiCopter work group.

WESSLING employees selfie

Survey amongst 55,000 students

WESSLING one of Germany's top employers

WESSLING performed outstandingly in the biggest employer study and came in amongst the top 100 in Germany. The results of the "Trendence Absolventenbarometer 2018" were published in the "CHEManager" magazine. They show which employers and industries are particularly popular amongst natural sciences students and the criteria according to which they select a job.

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Wessling employees as participants in a marathon

Top results under optimal conditions

25 WESSLING runners took part in the 2018 Münster marathon

For 25 WESSLING employees, the 2018 Münster marathon meant get your running shoes on, focus on the finish line and go! Under perfect weather conditions, two of our colleagues completed the full distance of 42.195 kilometres; all others formed part of a total of 7 WESSLING teams. The entire WESSLING team congratulates them on this top performance!

WESSLING Innovation Award 2018 Selfie

WESSLING Group presents Innovation Award

"A thriving innovation culture is our driving force"

Innovativeness is writ large at WESSLING: each year, we honour the best ideas from the workforce with the WESSLING Innovation Award.

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