Waste Consulting

Proper classification of a waste and subsequently, record of its properties and behaviour, is crucial for avoiding future environmental and human health damages, as well as paying extensive costs for storing, handling, transport, revaluation and disposal of it.

Recycling von Abfällen

Each waste needs to be characterized in a special forms, where its generation flow, significant physical-chemical properties, classification as hazardous/non-hazardous, an appraisal of options for revaluation/disposal and the level of compliance with legal provisions are stated.

WESSLING Romania – a unique combination of consulting and laboratory analysis

We support you for solving these problems following a complex investigation process focussed on: identification of the waste source and the up-stream chemicals involved in generating it, laboratory testing and analytical results evaluation, classification as hazardous or non-hazardous waste.

These services are a complex combination of consultancy and lab testing procedures, all offered by the same provider, that comes to your own benefit in saving time and money.

Our services

  • Analytical tests, emissions monitoring for wastes and waste facilities (landfills, incinerators, treatment units)
  • Waste classifications: dangerous properties recording, waste code assignment;
  • Investigations conducted to verify the compliance level of the waste characteristics/properties with conditions requested by certain techniques (landfilling, incineration & co-incineration).
  • Consultancy for complying with legal provisions regarding the waste management, during the whole process of production (waste generation, temporary storage, transport, elimination/revaluation, records and statements filling in)

We will be happy to support you

„Wastes generation and their management have become a major issue in most of the industrial, financial and public sectors. To put into practice any of these concepts, one should be knowledgeable in the waste characteristics and properties. “