Micropollutants in water: analysis of trace substances

Even minute concentrations and residues of medicines, cosmetics and pesticides pollute our water. he WESSLING experts offer comprehensive special analysis of organic trace substances, particularly as regards the European Groundwater Directive.

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High-quality water is one of our most important resources – in the form of both drinking water and as an important raw material for producing foodstuffs, e.g. in the production process. Amongst others, the availability and quality of water resources are important location factors.

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Increasing pollution of water resources through micropollutants

However, trace substances are increasingly polluting bodies of water and groundwater. Obtaining information about the concentration of micropollutants in the water is particularly important for water utilities and municipalities. This is where WESSLING comes into play, offering sampling, analysis and consulting as part of a holistic strategy for uncovering micropollutants. Organic trace substances are becoming increasingly significant in terms of safeguarding drinking water production in the long term in the light of the EU Water Framework Directive. By no means least due to the European Groundwater Directive, these substances are the focus of attention by the public, municipalities and water utilities due to the European Groundwater Directive.

With our high-resolution measurement devices, we are able to reliably detect and analyse the following substance groups in the nanogramme range:

  • Drug residues (analgesics, hormones)
  • Radiocontrast agents
  • Herbicides and their degradation products (metabolites)
  • Complexing agents (e.g. EDTA, benzotriazole)
  • Flame retardants
  • Softeners
  • Petrol substitutes
  • PFCs
  • Organotin compounds
  • Nonyl- and octylphenols

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