WESSLING - the international company for consulting, anlysis and planning

WESSLING, part of ALS Limited since 2024, is an international and independent laboratory, testing and consulting company.

WESSLING Quality of life

Established in 1983, WESSLING has earned a reputation for excellence among national and international customers. Our team of 1,200 highly skilled employees is dedicated to continuous improvement in quality, safety, and environmental health protection. We examine, analyse, assess, plan and implement projects for the sustainable improvement of the quality of life.

Our aim is to provide our clients with solutions that address all relevant issues in the real estate, environment, food, consumer products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors. To this end, we continue to bring new experiences to our company and expand our services.

Expertise in precision laboratory analysis and engineering services

We have approximately 1,600 employees with the personal and professional credentials to provide a reliable service for our business partners. Our expert knowledge is at the disposal of our customers whenever they need valid measurements from our accredited laboratories or precise data as a basis for decisions in respect of projects, and wherever they are seeking to comply with regulations and to optimise their products and processes. The professional attitude we adopt and the attention which we give to our customers enable us to deliver outstanding levels of value and benefit.

Accredited laboratories and highly qualified specialists - added value for our customers

The benefits for you as a business partner are reliable data on which to base business decisions, optimised costs and excellent results at all times along the value chain of your company. WESSLING systematically combines subject knowledge from over 40 professional fields in order to adopt a rational and interdisciplinary approach to finding solutions. This expertise gives rise in equal measure to a wide range of services and in-depth specialist knowledge.

Whether engineering and consultancy services or analytical tests relating to the environment, water, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food, our laboratory specialists, certified engineers and natural scientists systematically combine specialist knowledge with a view to providing you with rational and efficient solutions. They apply their broad knowledge of the industry in any given case to ensure the success of your products, projects or campaigns.

We therefore play a key role in contributing to the quality and safety of various products and services and to the desired increase in quality, environmental and health & safety standards in the market.

Our commitment to professional development

Since its foundation, WESSLING has consistently focused on adding momentum, developing innovations and promoting the transfer of know-how. As a company we invest in ongoing development by engaging in a lively exchange of views and cooperating with universities and technical colleges, by participating in research and development projects, and by working with numerous DIN committees and panels of experts. WESSLING engages with its business partners, networking and sharing experience, and is continuously developing the company and its services and thereby ensuring high levels of productive efficiency and customer service.

Thriving culture of diversity among our employees

We regard our company as a player on an international stage, engaged in a continuous learning process where people learn as a result of their diversity and uniqueness and where they achieve exceptional results. We recognise that people have a great thirst for knowledge and a willingness to adapt. Cultural differences are seen as an asset and diversity is appreciated in a bid to recognise and capitalise on the varying strengths. This is also reflected in the respect which we show in our interaction with each other.

The dynamics of this approach have driven the continual growth of our company in the last 35 years. As our slogan “Quality of Life” suggests, we are on a daily quest to find better and better solutions to improve the quality of life.