WESSLING is the only accredited laboratory in România, which complies in a real manner with the analysis standard EN 1948 – 1, 2 and 3, for determination of Dioxins released from fixed sources. 

The main requirement provided by the standard is for the laboratory testing to be executed using high-resolution equipment – gas chromatography with mass spectrometer – HRGC/HRMS (magnetic sector). 

The lack of high-resolution equipment results in a laboratory test’s failure to reach the limits provided by the environmental law. Therefore, if this test is conducted using a normal resolution method, the results are deemed void in regards to compliance with the environmental law. 

Through the laboratories of the WESSLING group, we offer the Românian market the only services for determination of dioxins from all types of matrices – air, water, soil, waste, food, feed etc., at a level of detection limit low enough to allow comparison with the applicable legal limits.

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