Surface analysis and air quality checking for microbial loading and ensuring comfort

Public authorities, industry and trade are faced with the challenge of taking into account the requirements for infection protection and hygiene measures during the gradual resumption of activities.

Bacteria are a large family that can cause disease both to animals and humans. There are 538 species that are pathogenic bacteria according to the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) database. Research results indicate that bacteria have a long period of viability in the air and on different surfaces. It is also confirmed that the way of transmission and dissemination is fast and massive. Bacteria divide extremely quickly, after about 16 hours the number of cells in a colony that has proliferated can reach 5,000 million.

Bacteria can be transmitted directly from one person to another or indirectly by touching dirty equipment or surfaces and breathing air. The level of microbial contamination in the air and surfaces presents a potential risk of disease that will increase in proportion to the number of bacteria and the presence of certain pathogenic or potentially pathogenic species.

Workspaces or high traffic recommended for verification

The concepts of hygiene and safety for the public sector, industry and trade are a concern of WESSLING Romania specialists. Air pollution is directly related to the level of contamination of surfaces and objects, which are generally contaminated with the same bacterial flora that is in the air.

Work surfaces, work equipment, offices, ATM cash terminals, shopping carts, railings, door handles, packaging, telephones, locker rooms, dining rooms and other surfaces with which they come into direct contact are surfaces on which they develop easily bacterial load.

We recommend testing the air and surfaces of all work and processing rooms in various fields of activity: food industry, restaurants, warehouses, offices, museums, schools, malls, supermarkets, airports and any other high-traffic areas.

Bacteriological control of the hands is especially recommended for personnel who process and handle products that are intended for human consumption.

Expertise for appropriate protection measures in the workplace

To check the microbial load of the surfaces, WESSLING Romania specialists perform sanitation tests on the surfaces that are considered clean and disinfected. If a disinfectant has recently been used for those surfaces, harvesting shall be carried out only after the contact time of the disinfectant has elapsed so as not to affect the final result of the tests. Important parameters for checking the microbiological load of surfaces are: Salmonella spp, Listeria monocytogenes, coliform bacteria, total number of germs and Enterobacteriaceae.

To test air quality and minimize the risks of colonization and infection, WESSLING Romania determines the atmospheric microbial flora in your room.

Volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde are present and harmful substances. Knowing their presence and concentration inside workspaces, buildings, etc. it is a good guide for the system of measures to be taken to eliminate them and gain comfort and health.

Confort for enployees is a factor that influencing productivity, and during the summer it is difficult to control the temperature and maintain comfort without a functional ventilation system. To examine the proper functioning of the ventilation system, our specialists recommend measuring temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide.

WESSLING Romania provides you the materials needed to collect the sanitation tests and the microaeroflowers necessary to check the air quality together with a guide for collecting them.

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