36 trees as a sign of climate protection

36 trees were planted as a sign of climate protection and as a result of the first virtual biking challenge at WESSLING.

The result of the WESSLING Biking Challenge

In the summer of 2021, the WESSLING Group organized a cycling challenge in which 55 colleagues from 6 countries cycled a total of 7200 km. Each 200 km meant 1 tree planted according to the regulations, so in total we cycled 36 seedlings! Among the trees that were selected for planting were fruit trees, such as quinces, apple and cherries, as well as pine trees.  The three people who cycled the most kilometers in the WESSLING Biking Challenge were also given seedlings to be planted in their own garden, plot or balcony.

Congratulations to our colleague Ioan Pop who took up the challenge and biking in the international competition. It was a good workout and a healthy alternative to driving. We hope that at the next competition other colleagues will join him and we will cover at least 200 km to succeed in planting.
Planted trees are a great souvenir of a unique event and, at the same time, our own contribution to climate protection.

Health and climate protection

We have defined two key goals of the WESSLING Biking Challenge: climate protection and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Both goals were successful. Colleagues from all countries got involved in our campaign. Motivated by joint action for the benefit of the climate, they undertook physical activity, thus positively influencing their own health and well-being. The planted trees will remind us of their contribution to climate protection.