WESSLING Romania implements the electronic signature for all documents issued by the Environmental Protection division

WESSLING Romania announces the implementation of the electronic signature for all issued documents.

Starting with October 1, 2021, all documents issued as test reports, estimates, invoices and other documents issued by the Environmental Protection divisions within WESSLING Romania will be electronically signed with legal value and sent to you by email.

The benefits of implementing the electronic signature are:

  • speed in delivering documents to you
  • easy to store: it is enough to save it in a dedicated folder in your computer
  • we avoid, as much as possible, the direct contact between people
  • we develop sustainable behaviors with the environment, we save resources, we avoid printing on paper

As a company that carries out activities with the aim of protecting the environment, we want the slogan Quality of life to represent us both in the activity and in the internal conduct of the company and the care for natural resources.

Thank you for your good collaboration and we assure you that we continue to make every effort to continuously improve it.

„If you have any questions or concerns regarding the documents received, please do not hesitate to contact us.“