Vote for the green

Due to coronavirus pandemic, we found ourselves faced with a reality, a pattern of behaviour too little known to us, the generation of speed.

From the crowd of the street where the background noise was that of the engines, we woke up to hear the voice of nature more and more intensely. The polluting emissions of carbon dioxide have decreased in the last period of time and thus we start to perceive the smell of the bat brought by the wind.

What has become the normality in recent months?

Office activity, supply in stores, schools, shows, cinemas have increasingly moved to the online environment. Our luck that we have digital skills or if we didn't have them so developed, the necessary context for improvement arose. Many excuses such as 'I don't have time to do sports', 'I don't have time to call friends', 'I don't have time to take care of a healthy diet' have not found their place in the context of the last months.

This year, on May 1, it was the planet's turn to go out for a picnic and relax, and we stayed quietly in the house.

But what can be the design of the future?

WESSLING Romania aims to be the architect of the future through innovative solutions, investigations and viable consulting in the fields of environmental protection and food safety and we support through expertise adapted to various sectors of activity.

We need peace of mind, noise reduction, it is clean for our lungs. We need to be attracted to ‘clean’, sustainable brands, products that make and contain what the label promises and that we can trust. Global recalibration, return to nature, ecosystem integrity help regulate disease by supporting species diversity.

But the return to simplicity and nature does not exclude our need for industrialization and technology.

Only a closer monitoring of their effects and the application of correct measures can ensure a sustainable future. So we focus our resources and know-how on projects under the umbrella of sustainability and creativity. WESSLING's expertise supports business partners by identifying solutions to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The expertise is extensive in depollution and ecological reconstruction, identification and compliance with obligations regarding waste and special waste streams, analysis in the field of water management, monitoring of air quality and emissions of air pollutants. We improve your health and safety through noise measurement services.

We put all our expertise in the service of rebalancing nature.