Happy International Women's Day!

Every day is an opportunity to show appreciation, recognition and gratitude to ladies. At work or in the family, in various contexts of everyday life, women color our lives.
But on March 8 we thank them more than any other day!

8'th March!

Today, on International Women's Day, we celebrate the big and also the small achievements of women around the world. Under the motto #EmbraceEquity, the @United Nations (UN) are drawing attention to the fact that we as a global community are called upon to work together to further promote equality for women – with the aim of a gender-equitable future free of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination. We are therefore following this motto, which also corresponds to our corporate philosophy.

As a company that is at home in the field of natural and engineering sciences, today we are also celebrating the many dedicated female talents at #WESSLING, whose performances make a significant contribution to our company's success. We are of course aware that we can always improve. This topic is not only important on International Women's Day. Every day we have to work to resolve gender inequalities and drive change. We appreciate the diversity in our workforce – because we consider gender-specific or different ways of thinking, wealth of experience, life plans or perspectives as an enrichment for the wealth of knowledge within our company.

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