Gifts in a shoe box prepared from the WESSLING lab employees

Gifts in a boxes were prepared by the employees of the Environmental Protection laboratory and offered to all primary school children from Visinelu locality, Mures county.

The marketing department organized this year, for the first time, a gift donation campaign that involed employees, known as Shoe box. A list of the children's ages has been prepared and the employees have chosen whether they want to prepare a gift for a boy or a girl and for what class, so that the gifts in the package are suitable for the beneficiaries. One package or two were prepared by employees and their families and brought to the WESSLING headquarters in Targu Mures, and the required number of packages was reached. Each package contained sweets, school supplies, personal care products, an item of clothing and a toy. I also received games that I took to the local kindergarten.

With the support of Ioan Pop, the manager of the Environmental Protection division, who presented the campaign and mobilized the employees, we organized some colleagues and took the gifts of the children who were waiting for us. We wanted to stay longer with the children, and the tasty pie bought by us for the children created a tasty socializing environment between us, the students and the teachers. We even got a carol. We felt really good. We also enjoyed the gifts. Beautiful handmade table arrangements made by teachers now decorate our offices.

We didn't hurry to leave Visinelu too quickly. We also wanted to see the town a bit, especially since we had a good guide with us, our colleague Florin Socaci, a former student of the school in Visinelu who after many years returned to the school where he studied in grades 1-8. He even tried to fit in the bank.

We don't just want to give for Christmas. We want to return to the community that received us very nicely and we want to prepare new surprises.

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