Considering the importance of the activity (laboratory testing) and its impact on the health of the population, the chief goals of WESSLING România SRL are:

  • A good professional conduct exercised by all its employees;
  • To ensure the quality of testing services as well as pertaining activities (communication with the clients, accreditation body, NGOs, authorities, and suppliers);
  • To base the testing results on real data and scientific reasoning, as well as on the professional experience of its employees;
  • To ensure the confidentiality of the clients’ data and results;
  • To uphold the objectiveness and independence of the laboratory through its activities, and to ensure that its employees do not participate in activities that might entail a conflict of interest.

In order to achieve such, WESSLING România SRL has documented and implemented a Quality Management System continually updated and improved. Furthermore, the testing personnel are well aware of the quality documentation in place, having implemented all rules and procedures in their activities.

The management of WESSLING România SRL has committed to pledge all the resources necessary for compliance with the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

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The WESSLING Network has been offering a wide range of laboratory analyses and expert services in the areas related to the environment, health, quality and safety for many years.

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