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Controlled Quality

Romania's EU entry  opened a broad market for domestic producers, but also imposing high  standards of product quality. Fulfilling these quality standards and  keeping them are not easily to be achieved especially for foods that  are subject to stringent controls.

The  certification is a guarantee that food for European consumers and not  only, products submitted to chemical analysis and microbiological  monitoring, supported by appropriate documentation to certify the  quality of all processes at industrial level, observance and respect  of traditional recipes for products made manually.

Once  certified, your products will benefit from greater credibility among  external partners will spark consumer interest, will open new markets  both in Europe and globally and have high competitive advantage. 

The  advantage of having an experience of over 30 years in the European  market, proven international expertise, professional team and  accreditation for internal and international analysis, are  recommending WESSLING as the ideal partner in Romania for your  product certification.

If  you want your products to meet the highest quality standards, our  professional team is at your disposal to achieve certification  related documentation. 

WESSLING in Europe

The WESSLING Network has been offering a wide range of laboratory analyses and expert services in the areas related to the environment, health, quality and safety for many years.

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