Microplastics analysis at WESSLING

Microplastics are no longer just in the oceans, but everywhere in the environment. This makes it all the more important to investigate their occurrence not only in water and soil, but also in the air, in compost, as abrasion particles from textiles, in cosmetics and in food. Microplastics have therefore become an important part of the quality assurance of products and raw materials. WESSLING is one of the few laboratories in Europe with the necessary expertise and equipment for microplastics analysis. Experts advise business partners and offer qualified sampling, analysis and method development.

Plastiktüte schwimmt im Meer

WESSLING analyses microplastics in:

  • wastewater, process water and surface water
  • soil and sediments
  • compost
  • (interior) air
  • cosmetics
  • abrasion particles from textiles
  • abrasion particles from consumer products
  • food and beverages
  • particles from tyre wear

A quick overview of microplastics and quality assurance aspects is now also available in our brochure "Microplastics – Consulting and Analysis" (in German). Are you interested in the new brochure? Send us an email to mikroplastik@wessling.de.

Research projects "Tyre wear in the environment" and "MicroPlastiCarrier"

Here you will also learn more about our work in the research projects Tyre wear in the environment and MikroPlastiCarrier.  

Further information on microplastics can be found here.

Dr. Jens Reiber will also be represented as a microplastics expert at the 37th Bochum Workshop “Microplastics in Urban Water – Challenges and Solutions for Urban Water Management” (in German) at Bochum’s Ruhr University on 5 September 2019. In his lecture “Microplastics analysis: sampling, sample preparation and detection” he will give participants – scientists and practitioners in the field of urban water management – an insight into the current state of research.